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Mame32 0.62.
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Derniers changements
V 0.36

* Added a default input layout option. It currently supports a standard keyboard layout, HotRod and HotRod SE.
* Support for the Act Labs light gun system. This requires using DirectInput.
* Removed sample bits option. All sound is now 16 bit.
* New sound implementation using DirectSound and MIDAS. The DirectSound option is the default unless running on Windows NT.
* Removed SEAL sound library.
* The UI now sends out a system-wide window message each time the current game changes. It allows another program to act each time the game selected in the UI changes.
* Support for triple buffering in fullscreen mode. With this option, screen updates will be synchronized with the vertical blank.
* Added new nvram (*.nv) file support. These can optionally be saved to nv.zip similar to the *.cfg files.
* Added display support for games with 16 bit dynamic palettes.
* Enabled x86 68k emulator.
* Removed custom rom audit routines and used core versions.
* Better manufacturer folder matching routine.
* Updated sample code to handle the new sample structures.
* Cleaned up the display of the Manufacturer folders. It now will add the games the company Licensed from someone else in both folders.
* Added auto depth option to the UI.
* Modified the folder and filter mechanism to not explicitly display list of missing roms.
* Added support for reading zipped inp files.
* Change the joystick code so that the mouse buttons are no longer aliases for joystick buttons.
* Joystick names in config now based on the joystick type, not instance.
* New support for any number of POVs using DirectInput.
* Added diagonal positions for POV.
* Improved version detection of the required common control dll.
* Added the Minimize/Maximize code submitted by Ben Jos Walbeehm.
* Removed joystick config from UI. Non-analog joystick configuration functionality is now in the MAME set up screens.
* Joystick code now uses additional axes such as rudder, sliders, POV.
* Added support for multiple OPL chips (aka FM synthesis). On NT you must remove and then install the device driver, mameopl.sys version 1.02, with instopl.bat. This device driver should be backwards compatible with earlier versions of MAME32 that only use one chip. However, newer versions of MAME32 will not work with older versions of mameopl.sys.
* Removed profile option from the UI. Profiling is now enabled with Shift+F11. The profile code now uses the RDTSC instruction only available on pentium class CPUs.
* Changed the game names starting with 'The' in the UI list to be re-ordered so games that have 'The' in front of their names are alphabetized w/ the 'The' trailing.
* Y2K certified.


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