ClrMame Pro - 4.05.


Mis à jour le 24/12/2014

Un frontend Mame tres complet! Compatible Vista et 64Bits. CLRM signifie Cool Little Rom Manipulation.
4.016 So what will change if you scan your MAME set with the new cmpro version: – unmerged sets: (you don’t use this for MAME, do you…), nothing changes… – split merged sets: you will see some wrong placed roms now since clrmame did not kill parent/clone relationships – full merged sets: you will see several wrong named roms (due to hash collisions) misc: Changed the way how hash collisions are handled. A hash collision happens when you got identically named files with different hashes within a parent/clone relationship. In the past cmpro either removed the parent/clone relationship completely or you were forced to split merged mode. Now, in case of a hash collision *and* only if switch to full merged sets (scanner, rebuilder or merger), the rom names of the clones will be switched to a naming convention which you can select. Default is setname\romname. You can select the naming in profiler options ‘Naming pattern’. A flyover tells you which variables you can use there. %1 (plus something else) is mandatory here. Again, only if full merged mode and hash collisions are active. You also got an option there to say how many files get renamed. Either only the single hash collision clone file, or all files in this clone set or all clone files in all clones of this parent clone relationship. added: added option (Settings screen) to allow a full merge mode which ALWAYS stores parent/clones the way described above, no matter if a hash collision is there or not. This is the « hash collision name » mode. If you’re using this, the upper mentioned selection of files which get renamed is obsolete. In this mode all clone files in the parent clone relationship are renamed. added: batcher rebuilder option « never compress files » which allows you to create unpacked sets removed: « Possible wrong nodump definition found » cleanup step prompt. It’s actually a special case of hash collision and so it’s handled the same way as other collisions. misc: some intern changes so that you got theoretically 32k path length support (Hello Tosec..) If you need such long paths, you need to add « \\?\ » in front of your rom/sample/add/rebuilder source/destination/etc paths.. So for example: \\?\E:\temp\this is a long folder name right or wrong blabalbalblablablablabalabl\ misc: updated to latest unrar dlls misc: merger works with subfolders misc: « double roms detector » during parsing handles weird merge tag combinations better misc: « double setname » is also performed when you’re using « release » elements and switch modes fixed: belongs_to_parent check fails on 0-byte files fixed: weird messages when you enable the clone but disable its parent in full merged mode fixed: remove obsolete wrong merging or missing set messages (which normally get removed in 2nd scan) fixed: adding sampleonly sets may cause issues when you got softwarelist which share the setname


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